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Parent's Guide to Surviving the Time Change

On Sunday 11/7, DST ends and the clock "Falls Back"
As all parents scream: "NOOOOOOOOOOO😩"
The thought of shifting your toddler’s sleep schedule is a total nightmare! What if your 7am waker starts waking up at 6am?
Or, worse yet, what if your 6am waker starts waking up at 5am?

But I'm gonna make this easy for you! Here's a FREE, foolproof, step-by-step plan for surviving the time change with your toddler.  How to adjust your kiddo's schedule gradually in the days before so their sleep (and yours!) isn't disrupted.


The “Must Have” Action Plan to Survive the Time Change with Your Toddler

This valuable resource will help you breeze through the time change without losing sleep. Here's what you'll learn when you sign up (it’s FREE!):

HOW TO Avoid Panicking 
With a step-by-step plan for how to protect sleep as the time change gets closer, you can rest easy!

HOW TO Prep Your Toddler's Sleep Schedule
Adjusting sleep times gradually is the best way to prepare your kids.  Learn exactly how to do it.

HOW TO Guide For the Whole Family
Detailed instructions for how to adjust schedules for your whole family.

HOW TO Know When to Start
Night-by-night instructions for how to adjust sleep schedules before, during and after the time change.

A Note from Jessica...

I'm a busy mom who needs her 8 hours of sleep - just like you!

As a certified toddler sleep coach, I've spent the last 6 years helping families turn their toddlers into awesome little independent sleepers.

As a mom, I know how stressful the time changes can be, especially in the Fall. So, I created this free action plan to help you gradually adjust your kids' sleep schedules to you can breeze through the time change without losing any sleep."

- Jessica Berk, Founder Awesome Little Sleepers, LLC


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