Sleep Tight Without A Fight

Transform Your Toddler's Sleep in 2 Weeks

Proven framework to get your strong-willed toddler to bed before 8:00pm . . . and actually stay there until the morning!

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If you’re a busy mom who is tired of turning into Mean Mommy at night, I created "Sleep Tight Without a Fight" just for you.

You don't want to end the day snapping and yelling at your child. But this probably happens more often then you want to admit.

All you want is to have a great, cozy bedtime, say goodnight, leave the room and not see your child until the morning.

Is that too much to ask?? No!

Whether You’re:

  • Struggling with an out-of-control bedtime and a toddler who won’t stop stalling and takes hours to get to bed...
  • Trapped in your kid’s room like a prisoner...
  • Being visited by a tiny person crawling into your bed every night or just waking you a million times...
  • Tired of trying a million things to fix sleep problems only to feel defeated and hopeless...
  • Convinced that you have the world’s most stubborn kid...

You’re in the right place.

Hi! I'm Jessica, your certified toddler sleep consultant, and I'm going to tell you exactly how this self-directed, online course will help you transform your 2.5 to 6 year old into an awesome little sleeper.


Transform Your Toddler's Sleep in 2 Weeks

By the end of this program,

you will…

  • Have your kiddo happily sleeping before 8pm and not see or hear from him until the morning (yes, I’m serious that IS possible)
  • Involve your child to keep the process positive and fun
  • Watch your child beaming with pride at following new sleep rules
  • Feel calm knowing exactly how to react to difficult behaviors from your child
  • Get control over your evenings and have kid-free time!
  • Book a babysitter! Bedtime will be so easy, you’re free for date night!

"Our son fought his nighttime sleep and continuously came out of his room.  He also started waking up several times in the middle of the night screaming and needing to be cuddled back to sleep.  We were not sleeping at all. 

Jessica has given us the gift of full night’s sleep without interruptions.  Dom learned to put himself back to sleep and has actually stayed in bed longer in the morning.  We highly recommend Jessica! "

Karoline & Dom (4 years old)


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"Not only is our daughter falling asleep on her own in a matter of minutes after lights out and sleeping through the night, but my husband and I now have hours back of our evening to sit down and eat dinner and spend time with one another. The whole family is more relaxed AND better rested."

- Hope S. & Sylvie (3 years old)
Atlanta, GA


“Jessica, provided a clear action plan that worked in 2 days. She provide accurate details about what to expect the first few nights. We were thrilled when our challenging sleeper quickly adapted. Bed time is no longer a 60 minute test of wills."

- Anne C. & Jack (2y 9m old)
New York




Before working with Jessica, Samantha’s sleeping was a mess! Jessica gave us clear and easy to follow plan. Now, bedtime is joyful, cozy, and predictable. Sam happily goes to bed and stays there all night long. 

Our quality of life has greatly improved now that we are all well-rested!”

- Taylor P. & Sam (3 years old)
Atlanta, GA


What’s Inside
"Sleep Tight Without A Fight"


In this customizable, self-directed, online course, I teach you my proven, step-by-step R.E.S.T Method.

Across 5 course modules and accompanying worksheets, I guide you through a decision-making process that results in a customized sleep plan for your unique family.

And once you start the new sleep plan with your child, the course provides clear guidance on how to track progress, what success looks like, and what to do if you get off track.

Here's a peak inside the course modules:

Module 1

Harness Your Mommy Super Power

While I can’t reveal the secret right here, I can tell you that this module is pure gold!

(Hint: you’ve probably been using your power wrong for years!)

Module 2

The Right Sleep Schedule

Oh my gosh, the sleep schedule is so important!! Ensuring your child has the right sleep schedule is the easiest change you can make to improve sleep.


  • Craft the perfect sleep schedule for your 2.5 - 6 year old
  • Everything you need to know about naps
  • What to do for a child who CAN'T calm down at night and are NEVER tired
  • Stop the dreaded 5am wake ups
Module 3

Excellent Bedtime Routine

If bedtime at your house is filled with tension, frustration, crying, stalling, negotiating, and you behaving in ways you’re not proud of - what a horrible way to end the day! 

Let's me teach you how to change it up!


  • Set up the perfect, sleep-inducing bedroom
  • How to manage room-sharing or siblings that share a wall
  • How to execute a quick, predictable routine every.single.night
  • Get your child on board by giving him control (just a little bit of control!)
  • How to make bedtime fun (yes, actually F U N!)
Module 4

Solo Sleep Strategy

This is what we all want - a solo sleeper. A kid who doesn’t rely on you to fall asleep. And, yes, it is possible!


  • Why we should expect some protesting and how to handle it
  • The equation for sleep success
  • Two (2) detailed sleep improvement strategies & how to figure out which one is best for your family (includes options & customizations)
  • The fastest path from today awesome sleep habits
  • How to track progress
  • How to pivot if it’s not working
Module 5

Tease a Reward

This whole process is made to be super positive and make your child feel proud of themself throughout. You will learn all about how to set up a reward system that will motivate your child and jump start new sleep behaviors.

Hint: if you’ve tried rewards for sleep before, you were probably doing it all wrong!

When you enroll now,

you’ll get:


"Sleep Tight Without A Fight"
(A $350 Value)


  • 5 Course Modules showing you literally everything you need to do to transform your toddler into an awesome little sleeper - going to bed before 8pm and staying there all night long!

  • Two Detailed Sleep Strategies with clear instructions including options, customizations and how to handle all the “what ifs” so you know how to use the strategy perfectly for your unique family.
  • Worksheets in each module that walk you through the micro-decisions along the way that lead you to build your Customized Sleep Plan.
  • Self-Paced - all the modules are available to you once you enroll. You can literally start sleeping better tonight!
  • Lifetime Access - watch now and come back as many times as you want to.
  • Short lessons - watch or listen while multi-tasking! Entire course runs about 2 hours but is broken into short lessons.

Plus These Bonuses:

"Managing Toddler Meltdowns"

Learn the 4 A.C.T.S. of dealing with a toddler meltdown in the moment. How to avoid yelling and get everyone calm. Yes, please!

(A $89 Value)
From BPODS Parenting

"10 Easy Ways to Keep Little Minds Learning"

Educational craft ideas for your toddler that will keep them engaged!

(A $19 Value)
From @iheartplaytime on Instagram

Here’s what you’re getting instantly when you enroll now:

  • "Sleep Tight Without a Fight" - $350 Value
  • "Managing Toddler Tantrums" - $89 Value
  • "10 Easy Ways to Keep Little Minds Learning" - $19 Value

Total Value: $458

But you’ll get access to everything today for just:

Get the

Online Course




7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I created this course after working 1-on-1 with families for 6 years in my consulting business, Awesome Little Sleepers, and I stand behind this program 100%. If you’ve put in the work and you’re not seeing results and don’t think this program has a solution that will work for you, I’m happy to offer your a full refund. Be ready to show me the work that you put in, though. I built this program for families who are ready to make a change!

Still thinking about it?

This is Perfect for You if...

... you feel like you have tried everything already but nothing sticks

... you are tired of all the fighting and arguing at night

... you have been thinking "maybe this is just a phase" for over 2 weeks

... you think you have the world's most stubborn toddler

... you want YOUR evenings back!

... you are tired of being held prisoner in your kids' room

... you feel like you can't give your best as a parent because you're exhausted

... everyone is looking to YOU for answers but you're out of them!

This May Not Be Right for You if...

... you have a co-sleeping family by choice - this course teaches sleep independence

... you cannot achieve a consistent daily sleep schedule

... you have a child under 2.5 years old

... your child sleeps in a crib

... you are unable to be consistent with a new plan

... you don't like kid-free time

... you enjoy panic Googling at 2am

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get your questions answered!

Enroll in "Sleep Tight Without a Fight" and Start Sleeping Tonight!



I can’t wait for you to dive into "Sleep Tight Without a Fight"

I'm a busy mom who needs her 8 hours of sleep - just like you!

As a certified child sleep consultant, I've spent the last 6 years perfecting a foolproof framework to get your toddler sleeping well.

I call it the R.E.S.T Method for awesome sleep and I've used it to help countless families get their kids sleeping well.

I'm the only sleep coach specializing in big kid sleep problems (age 2.5 - 6) so you can be sure that this customizable program is going to include exactly what you need to transform sleep at your house.

If you're ready to get your child happily in bed by 8pm and then not see or hear from them until the morning, enroll now for instant access!

Sleep Tight,


Course Creator & Founder of Awesome Little Sleepers, LLC

Enroll in "Sleep Tight Without a Fight" and Start Sleeping Tonight!